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Related post: follicles 13cm long, 7cm in diameter, green, shiny surface, smooth to the touch but knobbly with large tubercles. Seeds 4-8(-10) per carpel, ovoid or subglobose 3-3 . 5cm long, 2-2. 5cm in diameter, either red or white. The flowering period is from May to July and fruiting October to December. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES Cola nuts act Trazodone Tablets as a stimulant to the nervous system when chewed and as a restorative. They counteract overstrain and depression thus Trazodone Purchase Online improving the physical and mental state. The principal action is that of caffeine, viz., stimulation of the nerves and direct muscular excitation. The tonic action on the heart is like that of caffeine exerted through the nervous system and by direct action on the heart-muscles and the walls of the blood vessels. The sense of fatigue is prevented and a longer and more sustained muscular effort is encouraged. - 76 - In combination with the coca-leaf a Trazodone Buy Online drug was made which was used as "Forced March 11 tablets for explorers, military expeditions etc. and also incorporated in brands What Is Trazodone of cocoa, tonic wines Street Value Of Trazodone 50 Mg and other beverages (Dalziel, 1936). The nuts taste bitter when chewed at first but they leave a sweet taste in the mouth later. Thus chewing cola nuts before drinking water helps to render the water more sweet. Cola nuts chewed at night tend to prevent sleep. Early accounts (16th Century) mention that the people of the Cape Verde region chewed cola nuts Trazodone Sleep to enable them to go without food and to improve the quality of drinking water (Dalziel, 1936). The nuts are said to be sustaining when chewed and to possess thirst-restraining properties (Taylor, 1960). Trazodone 50 Mg For Sleep 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES In Ghana, some traditional healers sometimes Trazodone Tab 50mg add extracts from cola nuts to certain drugs to make the drugs more effective. The crushed Trazodone 50 Mg Tablet nuts are boiled together with the the leaves of Morinda lucida and the liquid taken internally to cure piles. The nuts ground to a fine paste together with the leaves of Scoparia dulce, are dissolved in a little water and a Trazodone For few drops are administered orally to babies for headache. An infusion of the bark mixed with ginger and a little pepper is taken internally to cure stomach ulcers. The nuts, preferably the white variety, ground to a fine Trazodone 50mg Tablets paste together with white clay, a Buy Cheap Trazodone little pepper, ginger or Piper guineense fruits are applied as an enema for the cure of diarrhoea and dysentry (Traditional Medicine). In Lagos, cola nuts given along with European drugs enable patients to do Trazodone Buy No Prescription without food and so rest the digestive organs (Dr. 0. Shapara ex. Dalziel, 1936). 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS Cola nut is generally supposed to contain about equal quantities of "caffeine" and "theobromine" but the latter occurs only in traces. Heckel and Schlagdenhauf fen (1883) determined the existence of both "caffeine" and "theobromide" Order Trazodone Online and a new body called "kola-red" which was supposed to account for the physiological action of the fresh nuts as compared with Trazodone Trazodone that of the free caffeine in the dried nuts. "Kola-red" was re-described by Knebel (1892) under the name "Kola tine". According to Goris (1911), the essential composition of the sterilised Cola nut is as follows :- (a) "Kola tine caffeine", this disintegrates easily so that the dry nut yields no caffeine. (b) "Kolatine", a crystalline body of the catechin group, easily altered by light, warmth or an oxydising ferment (oxydase) into a red amorphous product. (c) "Kolateine", also a crystalline catechin body. - 77 - The red colouring matter Is mainly in the epidermis and the active principles are mostly in the starchy layer beneath it (Dalziel, 1936). Dry cola usually contains between 1.17. and over 27. caffeine, and 507. nutritive matter. (Cola nuts used by British pharmacists (non official) have 2-2% of caffeine (Dalziel, 1936). Irvine (1961) gives the following nutritive matter in Cola nitida; Protein = 1.57., Fat = 0.67 High On Trazodone , Calcium 3.17. Iron * 1.47., Vitamin A = 317., Thiamin = 117. Riboflavin = 477.. Nicotinic acid = 0.77., Ascorbic acid = 9.87. The kernel contains about 1.67. tannin (Howes, 1953). According to Sarpong (1953), Cola acuminata obtained from two sources, Kade and Bunso, were examined for their purine bases. The samples were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively by Chromatography and ultra-violet spectrophotometry respectively. The results showed that the average caffeine content of the nuts varied from 0.757. and 2.217. and the theobromine content from 0.077. to 0.437. among the different varieties examined. None contain theophylline . Although all these varieties show the presence of caffeine and theobromine, their quantitative distribution Trazodone Mg varies consistently and therefore these varieties appear to constitute different genotypes (Sarpong & Santra, 1975). 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING Trazodone Use and PREPARATION After plucking the fruits from the tree, the seeds or nuts are extracted from the follicles and the white aril removed after fermentation. This is effected either by burying them in the ground or by packing them in baskets lined with leaves and Trazodone Side keeping them moist Use Of Trazodone by periodic watering. The nuts are re-packed in baskets lined with broad leaves and kept in a cool place for a few days during which period the bad nuts may be removed before they are sent to the market for sale. Cola nut dealers buy the nuts in large quantities from the producers, re-sort them and pack them finally in sacks for export. The leaves usually used in lining baskets for the storage of cola nuts are those obtainable from Alchornea cordif olia, Anthocleista spp, Mitragyna spp. and Marantaceae species. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING
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